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OAJRC Applied physics. 2019;1(1)


Review on the research and application of environmental and engineering geophysical techniques

Habibah Mohamed, Andee Saad

Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.

Published: 28 January 2019


In recent years, with the progress of the times, the coordination between human development and the global environment has received more and more attention from society. Under such circumstances, the emerging interdisciplinary subject of environmental and engineering geophysics was "born." This paper adopts geophysical techniques such as traditional seismic method, electric method, electromagnetic method and new geological radar technology, nuclear magnetic resonance technology, seismic imaging technology, seismic tomography technology, electromagnetic wave CT technology and TSP geological prediction technology in environment and engineering. The application is analyzed, combing the application examples of solving environmental and engineering problems, discussing the development trends and prospects of environmental and engineering geophysical techniques, and promoting the development of this technology.

Keywords: environment and engineering geophysics; environment and safety; geophysical technology literature review

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Mohamed H, Saad A. Review on the research and application of environmental and engineering geophysical techniques. OAJRC Applied physics. 2019;1(1).

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