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OAJRC Applied physics. 2019;1(1)


How to apply physical modeling to solve primitive physical problems

Antoine Kern, Nadia Padilla

Le Moulin de la Lande, Pouillé-les-coteaux, France.

Published: 28 January 2019


Modeling is a commonly used method for solving complex problems. When solving original physical problems, physical modeling can be quickly and effectively solved. In the teaching process, using the original physical problems to cultivate students' physical modeling ability can effectively improve students' ability to solve physical practical problems. This paper first introduces the basic concepts of physical modeling and its practical significance, and then demonstrates the application of physical modeling through two original physical problems. Finally, it briefly describes the role of physical modeling in solving the original physical problems in the analysis teaching process. Finally, it is concluded that the improvement of students' ability to construct physical models can effectively improve students' physics learning ability. The use of primitive physics problems in the teaching process can promote the improvement of physical modeling ability.

Keywords: physical modeling; primitive physics; teaching practice

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Kern A, Padilla N. How to apply physical modeling to solve primitive physical problems. OAJRC Applied physics. 2019;1(1).

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